Dec 11

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • psyched to die/punch press/no idea • inquisition/warning/a-f • smartbomb/crucial times/think fast • failures' union/my book/paper + plastick • powerchords/think i'm gonna/single screen • dickies/silent night/rhino • cloak/dagger/deathbed rebels/jade tree • none more black/drop the pop/fat wreck chords • suicidal tendencies/institutionalized/frontier •short interview with rva's own t-division and their debut ep • t-division/pbrva/sr • t-division/and nothing else/sr • ergs!/every romance language/dirtnap • have nots/anchor for a drowning man/sr • falcon/blackout/red scare • operation ivy/sound system/hellcat • choking victim/500 channels/hellcat • american steel/razorblades/fat wreck chords • ramones/merry christmas (i don't wanna fight tonight)/sire • damned/there ain't no sanity claus/rhino • zero boys/civilizations dying/secretly canadian • widows/wall of berlin/poko • good luck/west wind ride/sr • off with their heads/die today/no idea • jello biafra & the guantanimo school of medicine/new feudalism/alternative tentacles • dictators/faster and louder/elektra • averkiou/wasted and high/no idea • f*cked up/david comes to life/jade tree • mxpx/christmas night of zombies/immortal • ninja gun/eight miles out/suburban home • germs/not all right/bandwagon • bad brains/i/roir • minor threat/screaming at a wall/dischord • circle jerks/wild in the streets/frontier • discharge/state violence-strate control/castle • 7 seconds/we're gonna fight/byo • alkaline trio/fatally yours/vagrant • black flag/gimme gimme gimme/sst • alleged bricks/blank stares/street anthem • anti-flag/police state in the usa/new red archives • slant 6/soda pop rip off/dischord

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