Dec 16

Red City Radio, Joey Ramone, Wire. Generation X and more...

Dacoit Dan's hot new release of the week: Love Triangle - Clever Clever - Sorry State

Song Artist Album Label Year
salad days minor threat salad days ep dischord 1985
punishing world new york dolls one day it will please us all blacks bv 2006
friday the 13th riptides tough luck ep rally 2010
silent night dickies we won't be home for christmas ep umg 1978
bad habits, good company delay plain language salinas 2009
harmony in my head buzzcocks singles going steady emi 1979
the librarians are hiding something swingin' utters poorly formed fat wreck 2013
dangerous fumes f*cked up single deranged youth 2006
i'm still waiting for a buzz love triangle clever clever sorry state 2013
12xu wire pink flag harvest 1977
bury me flatliners dead language fat wreck 2013
go away sunday last danger end sounds 2013
we all fall down egg hunt me and you single dischord 1986
pin up blonde starshooter single emi 1977
1000 answers hives lex hives no fun ab 2012
500 channels choking victim no gods, no managers hellcat 1999
i'm a boy who single reaction 1966
great lakes states swellers the light under closed doors no sleep 2013
fall rockets on wire i am not your home sr 2012
not for me autistist youth nonage dirtnap 2013
what's with terry? undertones hypnotised sire 1980
merry christmas (i don't want to fight tonight) joey ramone ...ya know? mutated 2012
o come, o come emanuel bad religion christmas songs ep epitaph 2013
christmas vacation descendents i don't want to grow up sst 1985
i won't be home for christmas blink-182 ep geffen 2002
halo of flies alice cooper killer wb 1971
people who died jim carroll band catholic atco 1980
roadrunner modern lovers s/t beserkley 1976
there ain't no sanity clause damned single chiswick 1980
invader dan vapid & the cheats two torture chamber 2013
save this nothington lost along the way red scare 2013
playin' around jetty boys let 'er rip kid tested 2013
dust in the gold sack swearin' surfing strange salinas 2013
two notes short of an octave red city radio titles paper + plastick 2013
one hundred punks generation x s/t chrysalis 1978
riot squad cock sparrer shock troops carrere 1982
lexicon devil germs complete gemrs slash 1978

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