Dec 18

Note: The second half of the show was lost. This file contains only the first half of the show. Sorry.

Best of 2009 Edition

Happy Holidays!!!

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • safes/mental wheelchair/o'brothers' • marked men/blew my head/dirtnap • stand still/i saw daddy kissing santa claus/immortal • north lincoln/spy/no idea • averkiou/wasted and high/sound study • tubers/small signs big posts/no idea • riverboat gamblers/a choppy yet sincere apology/volcom • nothington/best for me/byo • ramones/i want to be sedated/sire • cloak/dagger/billions millions/jade tree • suicide commandos/attacking the beat/island def jam • dogs/19/phillips • middle class/out of vogue/joke • richard hell & the voidoids/love comes in spurts/rhino • parasites/ronnie is a psycho/go-kart • queers/punk rock girls/suburban home • skids/into the valley/virgin • impulse international/automatic breakdown/dirtnap • anti flag/davey destroyed the punk scene/new red archives • strike anywhere/invisible colony/bridge nine • have nots/poisoned antidote/sr • bomb/spaceman/no idea • nofx/please play this song on the radio/epitaph • no friends/loaded question/no idea • our new nation/bang-a-rang/sr • government issue/caring line/dr. strange • scream/came without warning/dischord • dead kennedys/holiday in cambodia/manifesto • teenage bottlerocket/skate or die/fat wreck chords • polar bear club/see the wind/bridge nine • tina peel/knocking down guardrails/sin • real mckenzies/white knuckle ride/fat wreck chords • rubber city rebels/i don't wanna be a punk no more/smog veil • this black box/switch sides/forcefield • wayne county/stuck on you/mac3 • frank turner/try this at home/epitaph • rust belt lights/the escape/state of mind • adolescents/amoeba/frontier • necros/take em up/touch & go • gears/dont be afraid to pogo/hepcat • dickies/silent night/rhino

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