Dec 24

Due to technical problems (I forgot to hit the record button), only the second half of the show is available for podcast. You can view the entire playlist here. I will be off on 12/24, but will be back on New Year's Eve with my best of 2010 Salad Days show. Happy Holidays!!!


patti smith/gloria/arista • new york dolls/jet boy/mercury • fugazi/waiting room/dischord • real kids/it better be good/red star • lou reed/rock and roll/rca • stranglers/walk on by/ua • weirdos/helium bar/frontier • adverts/gary gilmore's eyes/anchor • zero boys/civilizations dying/nimrod • replacements/color me impressed/rhino • ergs!/i'm in trouble/dirtnap • love/7 and 7 is/elektra • soft boys/wading through a ventilator/two crabs • elvis costello & the attractions/mystery dance/stiff • undertones/what's with terry?/sire

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