Apr 16

Playlist (artist/song/album/label/year):

minor threat/salad days/7" single/dischord/1984 • t-division/pbrva/a problem for your solution ep/sr/2010 • joan jett & the blackhearts/i want you/college sampler/blackheart/2010 • vicious/suicidal generation/7"/cage match/2005 • good luck/novel figure/demonstration 2010/sr/2010 • peer pressure/eve of destruction/eve of destruction 7" ep/resistance/1980 • young livers/born in vein/of misery and toll/no idea/2010 • g.b.h./kids get down/perfume and piss/hellcat/2010 • against me!/i was a teenage anarchist/i was a teenage anarchist/sire/2010 • bridge & tunnel/predecessors/indoor voices 10"/no idea/2010 • spanish gamble/science can't explain magic/it's all coming down/paper + plastick/2010 • new mexican disaster squad/tightrope/don't believe/jade tree/2006 • leatherface/god is dead/the stormy petrel/no idea/2010 • chron gen/lies/chronic generation/razor/1981 • f*cked up/dangerous fumes/couple tracks: singles2002-2009/matador/2010 • menzingers/who's your partner/chamberlain waits/red scare/2010 • street dogs/tobe has a drinking problem/fading american dream/brass tacks/2006 • dogs/algomania/walking shadows/phillips/1980 • teenage bottlerocket/they came from the shadows/red scare/2009 • monikers/holiday/eat your young cd ep/kiss of death/2006 • cheap girls/hey, hey i'm worn out/cheap girls/my roaring 20's/paper + plastick/2009 • dillinger four/minimum wage is a gateway drug/civil war/fat wreck chords/2008 • agent orange/everything turns grey/living in darkness/posh boy/1981 • dean dirg/your choice/raus!/six feet under/2008 • alternative tv/action time vision/7"/deptford fun city/1978 • fear/let's have a war/the record/slash/1982 • radio birdman/aloha steve & danno/essential radio birdman (1974-1978)/sub pop/1978 • mind games/sorry about that chief!/7"/la habra/1981 • celibate rifles/kents theme (they don't listen)/but jaques, the fish? 7" ep/hot/1982 • boys/soda pressing/the collection/taang!/1977 • noise by numbers/17 on the wayside/yeah, whatever/asian man/2009 • cramps/human fly/gravest hits 12" ep/i.r.s./1979 • matt pond pa/basement parties/last light/altitude/2007 • static radio/fin/an evening of bad descisions/black numbers/2008 • rust belt lights/the escape/long gone 7" ep/state of mind/2009 • let me run/live grenades/meet me at the bottom/xoxo/2009 • rhino 39/prolixin stomp/prolixin stomp 7" ep/dangerhouse/1979 • gatorface/kid in a candy store/sick and stupid 10" ep/paper + plastick/2009 • f-minus/dragons teeth/f-minus/hellcat/1999 • sidekicks/almost the same/weight of air/red scare 2009 • penetration/don't dictate/moving targets/virgin/1978 • delay/dark red courage/plain language/salinas/2009 • avail/scuffle town/over the james/jade tree/2006

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Apr 09

Playlist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • smoking popes/writing a letter/asian man • real mckenzies/white knuckle ride/fat wreck chords • factory/world gone mad/kick in the eye • dictators/who will save rock 'n' roll?/sr • descendents/i'm the one/epitaph • 999/fun thing/anagram • dead to me/modern muse/fat wreck chords • beex/he obliterates (me)/wasp • flirt/don't push me!/real • sundials/fox hunters/sr • zatopeks/sophie scholl/stardumb • gray matter/burn no bridges/dischord • mopes/my heart won't bleed for you/lookout! • marked men/blew my head/dirtnap • middle class/out of vogue/joke • dead end boys/wanna be/get sorted • clorox girls/telephone/byo • rocket from the crypt/bring us bullets/vagrant • spits/bring/slovenly • uk subs/emotional blackmail/anarchy • noise by numbers/paris in september/asian man • tim barry/downtown vcu/suburban home • teenage head w/marky ramone/teenage beer drinkin' party/sonic unyon • cramps/the way i walk/irs • new models/permanent vacation/modern method • real kids/better be good/red star • rubber city rebels/laugh/smog veil • rousers/magazine girl/torso • steinways/i wanna kiss you on the lips/cold feet • ramones/rockaway beach/sire • x/i see red/elektra • generation x/ready steady go/emi • grabass charlestons/i like cats/no idea • leatherface/never say goodbye/no idea • social distortion/mommy's little monster/time bomb • matches/wake the sun/epitaph • alan milman sect/stitches in my head/i wanna kill somebody/britz • no friends/never ending fight/no idea

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Apr 02

April fools and I am the fool. The next to last song, "Question the Answer" was done by Strike Anywhere, not Inquisition as I incorrectly stated. Sorry Thomas.

PLaylist (artist/song/label):

minor threat/salad days/dischord • leatherface/never say goodbye/no idea • stranglers/tank/ua • accelerators/got kicked in the front of my head/stardumb • replacements/color me impressed/twin tone • wire/too late/emi • black market baby/world at war/dr. strange • adrenaline o.d./a nice song in the key of d/buy our records • good luck/novel figure/sr • liliput/split/kill rock stars • undertones/get over you/sire • alleged bricks/blank stares/street anthem • off with their heads/keep falling down/no idea • mission of burma/that's when i reach for my revolver/ace of hearts • badamps/two face/are you listening • new york dolls/punishing world/roadrunner • damned/see her tonight/castle • roman line/dawn after the wreck/merman • x-ray spex/obsessed with you/castle • avail/f.c.a./jade tree • social distortion/the creeps/time bomb • zymoticz/(eddie's) random bombing/answer • dead kennedys/california uber alles/manifesto • riot before/oregon trail/paper + plastick • scream/came without warning/dischord • pink razors/no secrets/no idea • loved ones/the inquirer/fat wreck chords • 4 walls falling/happy face/redemption • dopamines/molly/it's alive • toys/go to the police/red bus • agent orange/too young to die/posh boy • riverboat gamblers/rent is due/volcom • scientists/frantic romantic/sympathy for the record industry • adolescents/welcome to reality/frontier • jawbreaker/fireman/blackball • adverts/bored teenagers/the devil's own jukebox • flys/love and a molotov cocktail/emi • none more black/drop the pop/fat wreck chords • strike anywhere/question the answer/jade tree • dwarves/everybody's girl/epitaph

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