Sep 04

Tex Rubinowitz, Dirty Looks, Lyres, Elevators and more...

Once again, Robbie White comes down to WRIR to play the hits and rarities of the 1980s.


Saturday Night Is Partying Time

Joe King Carrasco & the Crowns: Party Weekend

Date Bait: I'm Outta Here

Beatnik Flies: Message From The Underground

Tex Rubinowitz: Feelin' Right Tonight

Slickee Boys; Invisible People

Banarama: Cruel Summer

Jack Webb: Anti-Drug Promo

Bangles: Live (Cover of the Merry Go Round)

Capt Sensible: WOT

Any Trouble: Second Chance

Rosanna Rosanadanna

Let's Active: Blue Line

Eddie Angel: Rampage

Hoodoo Gurus: Spaghetti Western

Duane Eddy: The Trembler

Raybeats: The Calhoun Surf

Bow Wow Wow: Orang-Outang

Slickee Boys: Crawling Hand

Monks: Skylab

Lyres: Help You Ann

Blotto: My Baby's The Star Of A Drivers Ed Movie

Monks: Johnny Be Rotten

Johnny Rubbish: Living in NW3

Church: Under The Milky Way

dBs: Love Is For Lovers

Dirty Looks: They've Got Me Covered

Elevators: Girlfriend's Girlfriend

Monks: I Ain't Gettin' Any

Flock Of Seagulls: I Ran

Cheech & Chong Commercial

Cure: Boys Don't Cry

Martha & the Muffins: Women Around The World At Work

NRBQ: Me And The Boys

Fleshtones: Shadow Line

Harry Nilsson: That Is All

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Apr 11

Monsoon, Department S, Jill Solbule, Martin Newell and more...


Martha Hull & the Steady Jobs - First Time 7" - Wasp Records MS7, 1982

Robbie White does the 80's Show with me once again!

artist / song:

manitoba's wild kingdom / the party starts now

barracudas / i wish it could be 1965 again

dogs / hey belinda

stranglers / skin deep

rollins band / earache my eye

wanktones / vuelve primavera

martha hull & the steady jobs / i wanna burn out

ratso / it ain't easy being cool

bruce springstone / flinstones

cramps / new kind of kick

beastie boys / fight for your right to party

smitherines / only a memory

billy bremner / loud music in cars

human sexual response / jackie onassis

godfathers / cold turkey

damned / help

pretenders / not a second time

monsoon / tomorrow never knows

spongetones / eloquent spokesman

big country / in a big country

martin mull / men

leroi brothers / pretty little lights of town

david johansen / we gotta get outta this place

dept s / is vic there

jill solbule / in living color

marshall crenshaw / the usual thing

ramones / danny says

xtc / ball & chain

dukes of stratosphere / vanishing girl

martin newell / julia profumo

utopia / love is the answer

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Oct 13

Lime Spiders, Squeeze, XTC, Fleshtones and more....


The Robbie White 80's Spectacular once again comes to WRIR!!!

artist / song:

don't play us cheap / saturday night is partying time

johnny bombay & the reactions / ramona

velvet monkeys / drive in

killer bees / tv violence

the dark / late show

gene simmons / anti-drug song

blasters / marie marie

ratso / rumble

bob e rock / same ol' cat

jump 'n the saddle / the curly shuffle

smithereens / behind the wall of sleep

missing persons / destination unknown

stranglers / hanging around

captain lou promo / captain lou albano

nrbq / me and the boys

lime spiders / slave girl

fleshtones / screaming skulls

cynics / get away girl

cramps / bop pills

english beat / can't get used to losing you

sam phillips / i can't stop crying

pretenders / thin line between love & hate

star trek / anti-drug promo

barone & mastro / lost like me

korgis / if it's all right with you baby

stackridge / something about the beatles

marshall crenshaw / mary ann

spongetones / my girl mary ann

utopia / last of the new wave riders

lords of the new church / like a virgin

squeeze / if I don't love you

xtc / bell and chain

cleaners from venus / fun

brotherhood of lizards /rusty iron sun

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May 07

Flirts, Wiretrain, Fiction Factory, Howard Jones and more...


Robbie White and myself in the kitchen at WRIR after the show

artist / song:

manitoba's wild kingdom / the party starts now

flirts / put another dime in the jukebox

joan jett & the blackhearts / i love rock 'n' roll

lords of the new church / open your eyes

blondie / call me

ramones / psychotherapy

cramps / goo goo muck

damned / smash it up pt2

fiction factory / heaven

jam / town called malice

howard jones / what is love?

wiretrain / chambers of hellos

joe jackson / steppin' out

martha and the muffins / echo beach

xtc / senses working overtime

the las / there she goes

replacements / i will dare

rockpile / teacher teacher

marshall crenshaw / someday someway

siouxsie and the banshees / spellbound

taravelling willburys / handle with care

george harrison / got my mind set on you

souxie & the banshees / dear prudence

pete shelley / homosapien

wall of voodoo / mexican radio

todd rungren / bang on the drum all day

frank zappa / valley girl

squeeze / is that love?

go-gos / we got the beat

pretenders / stop your sobbing

vapors / turning japanese

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Jan 28

Robbie White returns with more 80's gems and rarities...


artist / song:

original cast of "don't play us cheap" /saturday night

martha hull / fujiama mama

bob e rock / humes senior high

eddie angel / rampage

wanktones / shortnin' bread

dave van allen / i'm gonna sit right down and mail myself to elvis

tex rubinowitz and the bad boys / bad boy

dogs / never come back

pleasurehead / catholic guilt

ramones / mental hell

revillos / bobby come back

jam / start

josie cotton / johhny are you queer?

bow wow wow / i want candy

jags / back of my hand

smitherines / blood & roses

stranglers / golden brown

tpoh / i'm an adult now

joan jett & the blackhearts / bad reputation

frank zappa / sharleena

frank zappa / republican medley

cramps / new kind of kick

fleshtones / new scene

fuzztones / 1-2-5

cynics / get away girl

plan 9 / flashback

nrbq / captain lou albano

marshall crenshaw / cynical girl

bongos / numbers with wings

utopia / princess of the universe

lambrettas / beat boys in the jet age

xtc / respectable street

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Nov 15

Colonel White is back in town to let his 80's tunes off the leash!!!


Robbie White (aka: the Colonel) and yours truly in the WRIR kitchen

artist / song:

stranglers / waltz in black

hugh cornwell / white room

stranglers / nuclear device

tru fax & the insaniacs / king of machines

beatnick flies / in my heart

slickee boys / golden love

dan / eighteen

wanktones / lovin' man

tex rubinowitz & the bad boys / rock 'n' roll ivy

marshall crenshaw / monday morning rock

bongos / in the congo

ian.gomm / hold on

national lampoon / mr. rogers

brian wilson / love and mercy

was not was / knocked down made small

nick lowe / ragin' eyes

xtc / king for a day

expressos / tango in mono

frank zappa / sharleena

frank zappa / hot plate heaven in the green hotel

frank zappa / watermelon in easter hay

black flag / tv party

bad brains / pay to cum

stiff little fingers / at the edge

dogs / gone

damned / stretcher case

cramps / you got good taste

ramones / the kkk took my baby away

tpoh / walking in the woods

utopia / one world

records / i spent a week with you last night

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Aug 01

80's hits and rarities with guest dj Robbie White, aka "The Colonel"


Robbie White with 2 tickets to the 80's

artist / song:

kim wilde / water on glass

jam / set the house ablaze

chords / maybe tomorrow

single bullet theory / keep it tight

robin lane & the chartbusters / send me an angel

katrina and the waves / red wine and whiskey

xtc / senses working overtime

beatnick flies / daze of apple wine

velvet monkeys / world of

steve martin / mad at my mother

insect surfers / i'm im gear

blotto / i wanna be a lifeguard

kirsty maccoll / he's on the beach

utopia / trapped

utopia / love in action

squeeze / quintessence

flo & eddie / we are all gumby

fleshtones / american beat

martha and the muffins / women around the world at work

lords of the new church / new church

frank zappa / the meek shall inherit nothing

monsoon / ever so lonely

ronnie spector / something's gonna happen

bangles / how is air up there

dolly mixture / everything and more

tpoh / hard to laugh

dbs / black and white

ramones / do you remember rock 'n' roll radio?

adolescents / amoeba

dogs / too much class for the neighbourhood

ian gomm / hooked on love

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Feb 06

Colonel White came down from Maryland to join me today and play some great tunes/rarities from the 1980's. Enjoy!!!


manitoba's wild kingdom / the party starts now

slickee boys / life of the party

tommy keene / back to zero

martha hull / feelin' right tonight

wanktones / hiccupped to hell

velvet monkeys / evelyn marble

todd rundgren / the want of a nail

utopia / infrared & ultraviolet

rubinoos / if i had you back

tpoh / she's so young

xtc / sacrificial bonfire

cheap trick / next position please

bourgeois tagg / i don't mind at all

monks / i ain't gettin'any

new musik / world of water

jam / running on the spot

barone and maestro / flew a falcon

roger & the goosebumps / stairway to gilligan's island

dee dee king / funky man

wufticket / yamama

joe piscopo & eddie murphy / ebony & ivory

paul mccartney / this one

damascus / a day in the life of green acres

utopia / i just want to touch you

toms / it's needless

julian lennon / valotte

dave stewart & barbara gaskins / it's my party

private dicks / she said no

a-moms / modern noise

leila & the snakes / r&r weirdos

stranglers / everybody loves you when you're dead

lightning raiders / psychecelic music

little bo bitch / annoying all the neighbors

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Sep 12

Robbie White brings the tunes and joins me in the studio for 2 hours of 80's fun.


manitoba's wild kingdom/the party starts now • kim wilde/kids in america • slickee boys/gotta tell me why • sunnyboys/show me some discipline • tru fax & the insaniacs/mystery date • beatnick flies/in my heart • swimming pool q's/stock car sin • joan jett/little liar • go gos/how much more • expressos/tango in mono • siouxsie & the banshees/dear prudence • evan johns & the h-bombs/sugar cookie • tex rubinowitz & the bad boys/hot rod man • polecats/make a circuit with me • billy hancock & the tennessee rockets/please don't touch • buzz & the fliers/little pig • revillos/rev up • the king/sweet home alabama • alice cooper/drug free psa • neil young/rockin' in the free world • star trek/drug free psa • ramones/we want the airwaves • madness/house of fun • replacements/unsatisfied • tears for fears/sowing the seeds of love • george harrison/cheer down • records/i don't remember your name • dootz/i'm the dootz • dan/misunderstood • utopia/last of the new wave riders • lime spiders/action woman • stranglers/all day and all of the night

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Jun 27

Playlist (artist/song/label):

4 out of 5 doctors/opus 10/nemporer • single bullet theory/keep it tight/nemporer • luxury/green hearts/sr • shoes/she satisfies/elektra • sorrows/teenage heartbreak/pavillion • romantics/21 and over/nemporer • ruts/staring at the rude boys/virgin • jam/monday/polydor • urban verbs/subways/wb • replacements/color me impressed/twin tone • suburbs/love is the law/polygram  • new models/permanent vacation/modern method • elevators/girlfriend's girlfriend/arista • nervebreakers/my girlfriend is a rock/wild child • cucumbers/my boyfriend/fake doom • don dixon/preying mantis/enigma • mission of burma/academy fight song/ace of hearts • scream/came without warning/dischord • brian briggs/see you on the other side/bearsville • wipers/d-7/park ave • elvis costello/mystery dance/columbia • dave alvin/border radio/sony • holly beth vincent/honalu/wounded bird • kirsty maccoll/he's on the beach/irs • let's active/blue line/irs • robin lane & the chartbusters/why do you tell lies/wb • third world/96 degrees in the shade/umg • barrence whitfield & the savages/stop twistin' my arm/rounder • black uhuru/spongi reggae/mango • 20/20/yellow pills/portrait • hoodo gurus/arthur/a&m • swimming pool q's/little misfit/db • x/hungry wolf/elektra • skids/into the valley/virgin

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